Conservative dentistry


Conservative dental therapy involves the removal and treatment of caries. Also the production of aesthetic replacements in the form of fillings and other elements such as inlay, onlay and overlay. In addition to functional rehabilitation, modern dentistry strives for superior aesthetics, which is why quality and highly aesthetic materials are the backbone of our practice. Abandoning the use of obsolete and harmful materials, such as amalgam, we replace dental tissue with composite, porcelain materials and gold alloys. Combining materials from Swiss brands and precise workmanship, we offer a 5-year warranty on the durability of composite fillings and a 10-year guarantee on porcelain and gold fillings. Porcelain substitutes inlay, onlay and overlay, as well as covers and bridges are made using the latest Cerec Omnicam (Sirona) device that allows you to make fees in one visit, without the need to make and wear temporary fees.

We use modern evidence-based methods in the diagnosis and treatment of pulp disease. Analysis by standard radiography and computed tomography provide us with maximum visibility during endodontic treatment of teeth, ensuring the finding of atypical canals and avoiding insufficient and poor filling. Laser therapy helps destroy and reduce the number of bacteria in infected root canals, which promotes a positive outcome of endodontic therapy.