A dental prosthesis is a discipline that deals with the compensation of lost teeth with fixed, mobile and combined restorations.

Fixed prosthetics include prosthetic aesthetic elements that are permanently cemented in the patient's mouth, such as individual crowns, veneers and bridges. In our office we offer crowns made of the highest quality materials and the most modern method of making crowns in one visit.

Mobile prosthetics includes prosthetic works that the patient can remove from the mouth, partial and complete dental prostheses. A complete prosthesis is recommended for repairing a edentulous jaw when implant placement is not possible, as a very functional and aesthetic solution. A partial denture is made when it is not possible to make a bridge or the patient decides on more economical mobile work. We practice mobile prosthetics only when, for various reasons, it is not possible to make a fixed prosthetic work. Unfortunately, poor awareness of oral hygiene and high rates of caries in our society often lead to partial or complete toothlessness, which is often replaced by inadequate prosthetic solutions. In our office, we strive for superior aesthetics and functional dental rehabilitation, while we do everything for your teeth to prevent the production of mobile dentures. It is up to us to provide you with the most functional prosthetic work with a perfect aesthetic appearance.