Meet our Dur Dental team

The entire work of the practice is based on the principles of healthy, holistic dentistry, ie. that all materials (fillings, prosthetic works, etc.) are biocompatible which means healthy for the organism. Our team will provide you with kindness, overcoming the fear of dentists and the most modern dental procedures.

Doctor of Dentistry

The methods used by our highly qualified dentists are the most modern and you will easily achieve the desired result. Call us and we will solve all your dental problems.

Dr. Zijo Duranović

Doctor of Dentistry

Dr. Tarik Tahirović

Doctor of Dentistry

Dental nurses and dental technicians

Azra Džafić

Dental nurse

Amina Spaho

Dental nurse

Meliha Glibanović

Dental technician


In our office, we are always looking for new dentists, nurses, and technicians. We are constantly making efforts to find talented people, mostly with professional experience and knowledge of foreign languages. Therefore, we are always open for applications and requests via the contact form on our website or our e-mail.