Why Dur Dental Center

A highly motivated team of professional and expert staff, led by dr. Zija Duranović, the owner of the practice, wishes you a warm welcome to our dental practice where the latest technologies are applied, products from leading world brands are used, and which owns its dental equipment.

We are professionals dedicated to satisfy the health needs and aesthetic desires of our patients of all ages. Therefore, we offer you a variety of aesthetic and dental treatments to preserve the natural beauty or achieve corrections that can contribute to improving your self-confidence.

We seriously, dedicatedly and in detail consider the complexity of each of your problems to achieve the best possible result tailored to your individual needs.

Vlasnik ordinacije Dr. Zijo Duranović stekao je bogato iskustvo u Švicarskoj, jednoj od vodećih zemalja u stomatologiji i medicinskom sektoru. Tijekom svog boravka i rada u Švicarskoj, dr. Duranović imao je priliku raditi u visoko razvijenom zdravstvenom sustavu i okruženju koje postavlja visoke standarde u pružanju zdravstvene skrbi. Evo nekoliko ključnih aspekata njegovog iskustva u Švicarskoj:

  1. Edukacija i specijalizacija: Dr. Duranović je u Švicarskoj stekao visoko kvalitetno obrazovanje i specijalizaciju u stomatologiji. Švicarski stomatolozi su poznati po visokim standardima i kvaliteti obuke.
  2. Pristup najnovijoj tehnologiji: Švicarska je poznata po svojoj tehnološkoj inovaciji, a zdravstveni sektor nije iznimka. Dr. Duranović je imao priliku koristiti najnoviju stomatološku tehnologiju i tehnike koje su često pionirske u industriji.
  3. Međunarodno iskustvo: Švicarska privlači brojne stručnjake i pacijente iz cijelog svijeta, stvarajući međunarodno okruženje. To znači da je dr. Duranović stekao veliko iskustvo u radu s raznolikim pacijentima i razumijevanju njihovih jedinstvenih potreba.
  4. Strogi etički i profesionalni standardi: Švicarska ima visoke etičke i profesionalne standarde u zdravstvu. Dr. Duranović je bio izložen tim standardima i tako ih integrira u svoju praksu.


Visit us and see for yourself our serious and professional commitment to your needs.

Working hours

For emergencies, we are available 24 hours a day


Monday-Friday 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday On demand
Sunday Closed

Our services

All dental services in one place.
Preventive dentistry, conservative dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology, pedodontics, radiology, laser treatment and teeth whitening.


Dental implantology provides a solution for all types of toothlessness, from the lack of one tooth, through partial toothlessness, to the restoration of a complete lack of teeth.

Dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is a discipline that deals with the compensation of lost teeth with fixed, mobile and combined restorations.


Orthodontics deals with correcting misaligned teeth and the jaw relationship, during growth and development and later in life.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery deals with the treatment and management of conditions in the oral cavity that cannot be treated conservatively.

DurDental services

Our team is fully committed to providing the best possible care to our patients.
Our office is equipped with the most modern equipment for the care of your teeth.

Preventive examinations
Make an appointment for regular check-ups to preserve the health of your teeth and gums.

24/7 Emergency Service
For our regular patients in emergencies we are available 24 hours a day.

Professional staff
Our professional staff of doctors and technicians will take care of the health of your teeth.

If you need expert advice, make an appointment with our doctors.

Top equipment
We use materials and equipment from the world's most important brands in this industry.

Persons with disabilities
We are in the process of training access for people with disabilities.


Our team consists of professional experts in the field of dentistry, led by Dr. Zija Duranović.

Dr. Zijo Duranović

Doctor of Dentistry

Dr. Tarik Tahirović

Doctor of Dentistry


What our patients say about us?

Some of them shared their opinion about us.

As a long-term patient in Switzerland and now in Sarajevo, dr. Zija Duranovic, I can only say all the best. The whole team is always kind and smiling, and especially extremely professional and competent! I am overjoyed that I was in the right place which is visible on my teeth as well. I can recommend Dur Dental Center to anyone with a clear conscience.

Larisa G
All praise for the professional services. You have gained my full trust.
Too good feeling when you finally find a dentist where you can do everything you need and want without feeling completely safe and relaxed.


I want to commend the quality of the services of the Dur Dental team, their professionalism, dedication to the patient and it is obvious that they do this job because they love it. The atmosphere they created with the design of the office, and the attention they give to the patient, all the details they take into account, make the patient feel special, honored, relaxed and as impossible as it sounds - that the patient enjoys the procedure.
Special recommendations and praise for Dr. Jasmin Neimarlija. An excellent doctor, dedicated to the patient and a wonderful person.

Ema K.
The best. The office is clean, the service is top notch. Especially all praise for Dr. Neimarlija for his expertise and patience.

Professional and professional, friendly, cultural. These are just some of the epithets for this practice. All praise and a sure recommendation to everyone. A surgery to which you will return for a healthy and natural smile