Teeth whitening

The causes of tooth discoloration are numerous. We can divide them into external and internal causes. External causes of color change are most often everyday life habits such as smoking and consumption of coffee and dark drinks.

The internal causes of tooth disease can be much more complex, and can be due to the deposition of pigments in the tooth structure itself, such as. staining from certain antibiotics, as a result of genetics, aging or due to the death of dental pulp, and improper endodontic treatment.

External stains are easier to treat than internal ones, for which the whitening process is longer and varies depending on the cause.

Also, teeth of yellow and brown shades are easier to whiten than teeth of grayish and bluish tones.

Our practice offers you the services of the most modern methods of bleached teeth, without damaging the dental tissue:

  • Laser fading in one or more visits;
  • Bleaching with lamp stimulation;
  • Sponge whitening, home whitening, under the supervision of a dentist.