In our office, we place special emphasis on the prevention of dental diseases and its supporting apparatus.

The use of toothpastes with various forms of florida, regular brushing of teeth, proper nutrition, and regular proper control of the teeth and oral cavity can prevent tooth and mouth diseases.

The first visit to the dentist should follow after the eruption of all deciduous teeth, ie. at the age of 3.5 years, followed by a minimum annual examination by a dentist. It is also very important to have a dental checkup and visit a dentist at the age of 5.5 to 7 years of age when the first permanent teeth erupt. Then the dentist can notice the existence of the first signs of irregularities in the emergence, possibly fill the fissures (depressions on the first molars), and assess whether it is necessary to include intensive prophylaxis.


A healthy adult has 28 to 32 permanent teeth. Replacing lost teeth with implants can cost you from 2,000 to 56,000 KM. By investing only a part of these funds in prevention, we can preserve functionally superior natural dentition, and avoid unnecessary investment of money in dental prostheses.