Our services

CT Scan

Today’s implantology is unthinkable without a CT device. The Morita 3DR100 device enables the analysis of all anatomical structures in three dimensions.

Conservative dentistry

Conservative dental therapy involves the removal and treatment of caries, and the production of aesthetic replacements in the form of fillings and other elements such as inlay, onlay, and overlay.

Teeth whitening

Our practice offers you the services of the most modern teeth whitening method, without damaging the tooth tissue.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery deals with the treatment and management of conditions in the oral cavity that cannot be treated conservatively.

Laser treatments

Lasers are used in dentistry as a supplement to standard dental procedures, and in some therapies, they completely replace the traditional approach.


The periodontium or the supporting apparatus of the teeth becomes ill due to insufficient or incorrect cleaning of tartar and soft deposits from the teeth.


Orthodontics deals with correcting misaligned teeth and the jaw relationship, during growth and development and later in life.


In our office, we place special emphasis on the prevention of dental diseases and its supporting apparatus.

Dental prosthesis

A dental prosthesis is a discipline that deals with the compensation of lost teeth with fixed, mobile and combined restorations.


Dental implantology provides a solution for all types of toothlessness, from the lack of one tooth, through partial toothlessness, to the restoration of a complete lack of teeth.