Orthodontic appliances enable the correction of various jaw anomalies, both in children and adults. Therefore, there is no age limit for starting therapy.

Mobile orthodontic appliances are designed so that the patient can remove them from the mouth and are worn exclusively according to the orthodontist's instructions.

Fixed orthodontic appliances cannot be removed by the patient during therapy. They can be metal, ceramic or plastic.

In our office, we provide digital fork-free imaging services for analysis and documentation, using Cerec Omnicam devices.

The child should come to the first orthodontic examination after the emergence of the first permanent molars (sixes) and incisors in the upper and lower jaw, ie. between the ages of 6 and 8 years.

The average duration of therapy with a fixed orthodontic appliance is 1-2 years, after which it is necessary to wear a retention appliance, usually only at night, in order to completely stabilize the newly achieved result.

A fixed retainer, by connecting the teeth from the inside with a wire arch, usually prevents greater tooth movement, but it cannot be controlled and completely exclude minor tooth movement.

Therefore, it is mandatory to make regular check-ups with an orthodontist after wearing the device and follow the instructions of the dentist.